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Episode Guide - Series 1400 Crafting Every Day

Hands on crafts for kids is the resource for kids craft projects and instructions  for kids 6-12 and parents, teachers and other group leaders. It includes   school and curriculum based projects,  multi cultural projects, and every day, holiday and seasonal ideas. It is  the online home of the public television program Hands On Crafts for kids.

Crafting Every Day

Series 1400 – Program Notes
Welcome to a new season of Hands On. We have some exciting changes for this season – from a new host Candie Cooper, to a new set and logo, and a whole new attitude about crafting. We want crafting to become a part of your life every day; surround yourself with things you make, and make being creative a part of who you are. 

1401 My Workspace
This episode features crafts to fix up your workspace –whether it’s the kitchen table or a desk in your room – make the supplies you use every day. We begin with a recycled portfolio with monster clips. Next, there’s no excuse for having a mess on your desk with a great organizer made from old CD’s. Then, make a catch-all organizer from any size basket and finally, a foil frame with a fun embossing technique.   

1402 Keep in Touch
Don’t you love getting mail – real letters and cards in your mailbox and not just email to your phone or computer?  This episode is creating cards to make any occasion special. First is a giant team card for everyone to sign. Then, cards for all occasions; whatever the date, whoever it’s for, and whatever the sentiment –we have a card - Mother’s day, Father’s Day, lucky days, and summer time. Finally, make pizza party invitations-– when your friends see this invite they’ll know what’s on your menu!

1403 Wacky Ideas
Not everything you make has to be useful – sometimes it’s all about making the funniest, weirdest craft you can and just being really creative. Today we’ll be making an out of this world photo station - the kind you put your face into to take a picture. Then, make some crazy glasses, change your personality, or just change your outlook with crazy glasses. Next, there’s no excuse for not wearing a silly hat – and it’s easy to choose your favorite animal. Finally, tie dye a tile with your handprint.

1404 Trendy Jewels
The easiest way to update your style and show off your crafting is to wear your creations. Today we’re making all sorts of trendy jewelry. We begin with a bottle cap necklace. Then make a denim cuff bracelet from old jeans. Next it’s a bendy clay heart bracelet and finally, get out the glitter for a beautiful heart necklace. You can never have too much glitter especially on jewelry.

1405 Year Round Parties
You don’t need a holiday as an excuse for a party – just about any day deserves a celebration. On this episode make decorations for the perfect party every day. Party favor pencils are first, made from little blocks of foam to create everything from a mummy to a snowman. Then, it’s a gingerbread garland for any day - it all depends on what they’re wearing. Next, make three dimensional pumpkins in far out colors. Then, it’s a tic-tac-toe pizza game for your next party. Finally, create a bunny perfect for Easter but also adaptable to other holidays.  

1406 Kitchen Crafting
One of the favorite places to craft is right on the kitchen table, so we thought it was a great idea to include kitchen crafts on our show. We start out with gift wrap made from recycled containers like mesh fruit bags. Then, learn a new way to decorate cupcakes with sugar sheets. Next, move on to candy monsters.  Candy bars never looked so good and paper wraps make the the perfect party treat. Finally, learn felting with a non edible cupcake.

1407 Personal Space
Your space is just that – YOUR space – so why not personalize it with things that mean something to you.    We’re making crazy duct tape buttons first.  Then put all of your stuff in a handy denim chair cover. You don’t have to be a surfer to love surfboards – you might live by the ocean or just wish you did!  We have all sorts of wall decorations. Finally make your dreams a reality by creating a personal dream jar for all of the things you want to do.

1408 Just Have Fun
Crafting is supposed to be fun – there’s no right way – no correct colors - there are enough rules in life without making them a part of your crafting. Begin with emoticons, crazy computer symbols just for fun. Then, create a diorama of your vision of outer space – and don’t worry if it’s realistic. Next, make funny animals from just one shape. Finally, finish up with pillows made from old t shirts.

1409 Crafting for Your Friends
Why keep all of your crafting to yourself?  It’s fun to make things for your friends and family. This episode features four craft ideas that make great gifts – but you might just want to keep them for yourself! First is a stylish belt from recycled materials. Then, make a pin cushion for your favorite sewer – maybe mom? Next, it’s a coffee cozy for hot beverages – maybe for dad? And finally, a handmade tree vase for just about anyone who loves the outdoors.

1410 Right in Your Own Backyard
Today’s theme is crafting right in your own back yard.  Seed packet flowers are first and you can even plant them. Then, it’s a clay nest and eggs. Next, it’s time for a friendly frog ready to hop right off of the lily pad. Finally, make a flower headband to keep the outdoors with you all of the time.

1411 Holiday Party
Holidays are the perfect excuse to craft. It can be decorations, or ornaments or even accessories to get into the holiday mood. This episode is a whole year of celebrations starting with an Easter garland featuring bunnies and chicks. Then, make lollipop ornaments that are not just for on the tree. Next, it’s door hangers or signs for all different events and finally, a celebration of snow. 

1412 Crazy Creatures
This episode, our every day craft projects are all creatures – they could be funny, or realistic or even imaginary. Start with clay monsters of every color, shape and size. Then, it’s a hardware plaster casting.    Next, we collect all of the leftover nuts and bolts and turn them into a robotic creature. Finally, make suction cup birds for a crazy window decoration. We’re not sure if these birds want to get in or get out –they seem to be stuck on the window!

1413 Games and Sports
What could be more fun than combining games and crafts? Craft a game board, make up a game, or celebrate your favorite team. We begin with team bracelets in your school colors. Then, make a shoe tag for your backpack or sports bag. Next, it’s two games – alien miniature golf and finally, a game board using leftover buttons.


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