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Episode Guide - Series 1500 More Crafting Every Day projects

1501 Crafty Creatures
Make some crafty creatures; a sock arm- puppet, bugs and butterflies from balloon ends, a long legged bear and a sock bird.  Today on Hands On.

1502 Unusual holidays
Did you know there are a National Pretzel Day, National Doll Festival Day, National Ice Cream Day and even National Popcorn Day? Celebrate all of these holidays today on Hands On.

1503 Crafts with personality
Discover craft ideas with personality.   A paper owl, easy cartoons, a decoupage eye, and paint splat art.  

1504 Creative costumes
It’s time for a little dress up and pretend, with wands for wizards and princesses, a pirate themed necklace ,  animal ears, tails and masks  and decorated shoes – welcome to  creative costumes today on Hands on.

1505 Out of this World
We’re getting spacey with out of this world crafts;  alien accessories, a cosmic belt and space vest, mini space shuttle,    and a glow in the dark star mobile – all on Hands On .

1506 School days
Three ways to make your backpack fun: pouches for your locker, an apple trivet for the teacher and a first day of school journal featuring a phone app.  Today on Hands On.

1507 Experiments
It’s time for a little crafting science as we make a journal of technique experiments, do a little chemistry to create glop or flubber or whatever you want to call it! Test out some prehistoric look alikes with casting materials and finally take our experiments outside for a test on floating with our own ship.  All today on Hands On.

1508 Sea Life
Dive in, as we make a clay shell, sea life finger puppets, an under the sea diorama and window aquarium clings as Hands On goes underwater.

1509 Practical ideas
A dry erase bulletin board, a take a-long tote, hanging pot, and recycled pin – all very practical ideas for crafting every day, today on Hands On.

1510 Birthdays
Celebrate your birthday with Hands On! We’re making cupcake toppers, birthday garlands, party favors and a fishing game and party decorations. 

1511 Pets
Pets are so important we thought we’d devote a whole show to them with a pet leash, pet bowls, a bobble head replica of your pet and even an outfit for a pet or stuffed animal.  All today, as Hands On pays tribute to our pets.

1512 Recycled 
Find new uses for old materials; a wreath made from tee shirts, a bike basket from old jeans, new life for cans as seed planters and watering cans, and monsters from milk cartons.  Today on Hands On.

1513 Seasons and inspiration
Pinecone sunflowers, seasonal wreaths, a sugar skull mask and artist inspired resist painting - crafts for all seasons today on Hands On.


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