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Series 1700 – Let's Bond Together – Creativity Begins at Home

1701 On The Move
We are on the move, with projects that go along with us, or move themselves! Join host Katie Hacker and make a rockin’ roadster that really rolls. Artist Franz Spohn uses a little string to add animation to his art and blogger Jenny Barnett Rohrs make a wreath with colorful felt pinwheels. Use the Family Craft Box and recycled denim to make a car track.  Decorate your room with an eye-catching string art project that uses color to create the feeling of movement. 

1702 Critters and Creatures
Inspiration comes from animals and creatures – real and imaginary. Katie makes a 3-D owl with textured wings makes a great decoration for any room. Franz and Katie make creature creation a team sport by drawing three-part fantasy animals together. Jenny looks to the sea to find inspiration for a jelly-fish made from re-cycled materials then Katie creates a glittery clay lizard textured with found items. From the Family Craft box make a pair of bear claw slippers made from tissue boxes.

1703 Let’s Play a Game
Whether indoors or out, games are fun! Bowl at home with family and friends with a colorful bowling set Katie makes from recycled water bottles.  Franz shows how to create your own game board using a variety of art mediums. Jenny and Katie make an indoor hopscotch court that rolls-up, for easy storage.  Braid a ring toss toy then use the Family Craft box to make a treasure hunt jar for quiet fun.

1704 Playtime
Every day is play time! Challenge your skills with an ice cream cone ball toss game.  Design your own indoor miniature golf course with Franz, then put on a show with puppets Jenny shows how to make and decorate.  Add some cardboard to the Family Craft Box to create a super mask and make your own superhero figure.

1705 Let’s Party
There’s a party going on and you are invited!  Katie shows how to make a decorative chandelier to set the mood for your party theme and Franz draws a colorful and fun postcard invitation that will get all your guests to come.  Jenny and Katie sculpt a hanging piñata bowl full of treats. Then reach into the Family Craft Box to make a party decoration from yarn and glue to stuff with favors.

1706 Wear It!
With friends and family, create and wear your crafting projects. A fashionable, shimmery clay bird necklace is perfect to wear or to give as a gift.  Franz shows how to draw original designs and transfer them to your t-shirt. Jenny uses plastic tableware and fabric dye to make a stenciled flower or flag on a t-shirt. Katie weaves a colorful loop bracelet you can make in your favorite colors or school colors. Use the Family Craft box to transform a t-shirt into a superhero cape with a custom-designed logo.

1707 At Home
Become an interior designer with crafts you create.  Katie shows how to light up the night with a glittery night light.  Franz helps you plan and host an art gallery opening at your house. Jenny shows how to bond with your own home as you make a house from felt. Then decorate your home with a colorful garland made from the Family Craft Box. Katie uses a favorite fabric to add a bright, fresh pintuck quilted picture to any bedroom décor.

1708 Outside and In
Let’s step outside and find inspiration for more projects. Store toys or hang a plant in a pail in the brightly-colored macramé hanger Katie shows how to make. Create an illustrated map of your own backyard – Franz gives you some great ideas. Jenny helps you become forest royalty in a woodland crown made of felt and found objects. Then, Katie cheerfully decorates a lightening bug jar to study some nighttime friends. Gather moss and use the Family Craft Box to create a house for friendly fairies.

1709 Make Believe
Leave the ordinary behind and enter the world of make-believe. Create a magical fairy garden with Katie, then Franz shows how to take your paper art work from two to three dimensions. Jenny creates golden coins to swap and trade and then she and Katie make a gift extra special with a stenciled rocket gift bag. Cast a spell with a magic wand or gleaming sword created by adding feathers and jewels to the Family Craft Box.

1710 Growing and Building
Living things inspire us to create and to craft.  Jenny and Katie craft together to make a special pot decorated with glittery sea creatures.  Franz takes art outdoors as he designs, lays out and plants a character image for the garden. Bloggers share great ideas for creating a cactus that won’t be prickly or making a quick and easy super turtle figure. Katie shows how to create colorful greeting cards and artwork for family and friends then uses supplies in the Family Craft Box to erect buildings or make whimsical bug cars.

1711 Discover the World
Let’s discover the world we live in and beyond.  Katie and Jennie create a 3-D pop-up map of the planets together, and Franz explores the artistic use of dimension and space.  Gather leaves, sticks and stones and then Jenny shows how to create a nature journal.  She and Katie use water and paint to create a new fish species in silhouette.  Katie blasts off with a jet pack made from recycled bottles and supplies from the Family Craft Box.

1712 Just for Fun
It’s important to have fun and today’s projects are fun to make and to use. Katie creates a fuzzy mustache board will tickle you.  Franz and his son, Axel play with paints, pencils, crayons, colors and techniques to find new ways of expression. Jenny and Katie let their imaginations go to create colorful pencil toppers.  From the Family Craft Box, add empty paper rolls and colored paper to create a reversible playscape mat.

1713 Use It
Use what you make and get double fun from your crafts.  Weave hip survival bracelets with some tips from Katie. Franz uses everyday objects to make a robot storage container. Blogger Rachel Howard and her kids make a miniature construction site for toy earth-moving equipment! Use items from the Family Craft Box and recycle old road maps to craft a travel case full of learning games and activities – and treats, too!

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