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How can your crafts help others?
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One of the most exciting things about Hands On: Crafts for Kids is that we learn about helping others through our crafts. The Hands On Project is doing just that. Through the Project, we are already giving craft materials to creative children at homeless shelters.

All over the country, kids are helping kids with knitting projects, sewing projects and all the other fun crafts we do. The key is to do it together and have fun! You can help just by watching our television show. But you can do more. Here's are a few ideas. . . .

Itty Bitty Blue HandMake friendship bracelets or necklaces and sell them. Then use the money to buy socks and gloves for your local homeless shelter.
Itty Bitty Green HandMake stuffed teddy bears and give them to the emergency room of your hospital to be given to sick children.
Itty Bitty Red HandSew carriers to fit on walkers for people who live in your local nursing home. Placemats are an easy way to make carriers.

Are you helping others with your crafts? Let Hands On: Crafts for Kids know all about it, and you or your group may be on television! Tell us all about it in a letter to:

Hands On: Crafts for Kids
P.O. Box 391698
Solon, OH 44139

or send e-mail to:

Be sure to include your name, age, address and telephone number. Make sure your parents or guardian sign the letter, too.

And don't forget, helping others with your crafts can be the most fun of all!

Here are some ways kids are helping other kids from our latest series:

The Hands On Project

Each Hands On Crafts for Kids television program profiles kids who are helping other kids through crafts. A portion of the proceeds from Hands On is also used to underwrite projects which provide kids the opportunity to be creative. A Hands On project can be making a craft and then selling it to raise money for a charity, or making a craft to distribute to a local charity. It can even be teaching crafts to others.

If you've started a project or have a great idea on how kids can help other kids through crafts, please write to us at: The Hands On Project, P.O. Box 391698, Solon, OH 44139. Maybe we'll feature YOU and your idea on an up-coming Hands On program. Here are some ideas from this season.

  • Adventures in Art is a Cleveland program supported by Hands On. Both kids and adult teach younger kids craft classes each week when they come to the hunger center.

  • Buddy Ball of Edison, New Jersey is a great sports program for special needs kids. They use crafts at their new Tween night where volunteers help these kids with craft projects to benefit local charities. Their latest project was to make cards for the local Veterans home. To learn more about Buddy Ball call 1-732-549 8918.

  • makingfriends.com has a great idea for paper dolls around the world - share your ideas internationally with other crafty pen pals

  • The SOCKS program in Arizona is a mentoring program between adults and kids. They use crafts and projects from Hands On as a way to raise money for their program.

  • 4H has groups all over the country. They promote learning skills and helping others. Hands On featured a group from Warren, Ohio which made birdhouses for a local nursing home and Canyon Coyotes from California. Their project is to learn about the process of making yarn by spinning wool from sheep. The groups demonstrate their crafts to kids in the local community and schools to increase the awareness and appreciation of their ancestors. A great example of kids helping other kids.

  • A teen from Oregon came up with a great Hands On project. He collected old, broken crayons at his school by putting collection boxes by the door. Then he took the crayons and melted them down. Using candy molds he made new crayons and boxed them up for a Head Start preschool. What a great Hands On project!


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