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Hands on crafts for kids is the resource for kids craft projects and instructions  for kids 6-12 and parents, teachers and other group leaders. It includes   school and curriculum based projects,  multi cultural projects, and every day, holiday and seasonal ideas. It is  the online home of the public television program Hands On Crafts for kids.

Hands On Crafts for Kids has been designed with you in mind. Each program of Hands On is curriculum based for grades two through six.

Series 100: Our first series concentrated on general topics like: the solar system, recycling, and Native Americans.

Series 200:

The second series is titled “Crafts Around the World”. Each program is about a different country or culture.

Series 300:

This series is titled “Crafting Together”, and includes crafts for families, groups, and classroom”.

Series 400:

“Crafts Around the Earth” invites you to journey with us to the habitats of the world and discover the wildlife, environment, and people through crafts.

Series 500:

This series is titled “Camp Hands On”. Each program creates your own camping experience by creating nature, friendship, night sky, and other “camp” crafts.

Series 600:

“Back In Time” is filled with craft ideas for the serious time traveler. From ancient civilizations all the way to the 20th century.

Series 700:

“Crafting in the U.S.A.” travels from New England and the Atlantic coast, all the way across the continental United States and even to Hawaii as we celebrate the customs and symbols of the 50 United States.

Series 800:

Join us on our newest series, 54321 as we count down to fun and easy crafts that are great for classroom activities. Each project includes no more than 5 easy steps and no more than 5 main supplies.

Series 900:

Cultural Traditions of the Islands - learn more about the people you meet every day by learning about their culture.

Series 1000:

“Back to Basics” is an exciting learning experience providing a creative way for viewers and students to learn about shapes, calendars, weather, symmetry and so much more!

Series 1100:  

“Skills for Life” provides a stimulating learning experience of viewers and students to learn about nature and protecting the environment, exciting ways to make math fun, traveling and so much more!

Series 1200:  

“Living Things” provides a stimulating learning experience for viewers and students to learn about the animals and plants that share our environment!

Series 1300: 

“Crafts Around the World” is an excellent resource for teachers, group leaders, and after school programs with easy projects representing countries and cultures. Each week is a different country. Visit Peru, Italy, Canada, the United States, Ghana, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, India, Mexico, Egypt, and Scotland.

Series 1400: Series 1400: “Crafting Every Day” Make crafts a part of your everyday life. Surround yourself with things you make, and make being creative a part of who you are.  Make projects for your work space or room, make gifts, party decorations,  and just wacky things to express your personality.  
Series 1500: Series 1500: "More Crafting Every Day"

The Hands On program was developed to assist both regular classroom teachers and art teachers. Since so much of the curriculum is interdisciplinary, we wanted to give you easy projects which could be adapted to classroom use. The projects are also geared for easy substitutions or alternate supplies.

Hands On is available free to all Public Television stations. Your school district is welcome to tape the program for use by all of the teachers in the district. The program is also available via ETV. Many state curriculum buyers have added Hands On.. This provides direct broadcast into your classroom. All of the projects and instructions for every project are on the website including some videos... All projects are downloadable for your classroom use.

Please let us know if there is any way we can better serve your needs, whether on the web site or on the television program or book. Encouraging the creativity of all children is our primary goal and we welcome your input. Send your email to info@craftsforkids.com.


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