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Looking at the stars at night or watching the sun rise over the horizon, our fascination with space begins and ends each day. Planets, galaxies, comets, even rockets, we imagine what they might be like up close and travel in our mind millions of light years away. The next five projects cover both the realistic and imagined bodies we see in space. With fluorescent colors and tons of glitter you can create your own "place in space".

104-1 Comet Crazy: When you see a comet streak across the sky, did you ever imagine it was made out of ice and dirt? Even the tail is particles of ice breaking away and reflecting light. Make your own Hale-Bopp comet or name your own, made from plastic, Styrofoam and amazing glitter gels. Hang it outside on a windy night and get a picture of how comets look up close.

104-2 Far Out Scenery: Create your own space scene with a really "far out" technique. Crayons, paints and stencils are all you need for this glowing design.

104-3 The "Real" Solar System: Get "real" with an accurate model of the solar system. Scale the planets to size and position them as they revolve around the sun.

104-4 Double-dip Constellations: When you think of school "things" what comes to mind? Teachers, desks and of course chalkboards. Start with chalk as you diagram constellations of the night sky. We start with two of the most well-known using chalk, glitter and of course a chalkboard.

104-5 Planet Earth: Create a hanging model of our planet with the most amazing technique. You won't believe that glue creates the metallic surface on the planet. This project requires a little extra drying time, but it's well worth the wait!

104-6 Hands-On Project: Learn about the Crowning Glory Project and how kids and adults have found a crafty way to help cancer victims.


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