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Air is constantly on the move. Warm air rises and cold air flows downward. The movement of air from a high pressure area to a low pressure area causes the wind to blow. The greater the difference in pressure between the two areas, the fiercer the wind. Our Windy projects all take advantage of air pressure to make them work. Get ready to fly like the wind with five projects.

105-1 Plastic Canvas Whirler: See the effects of wind when you hang this whirler outside on a breezy day. Watch it spin as the air catches it's colorful sails. The holes on plastic canvas make it the perfect surface to catch the wind.

105-2 Wrapping Paper Kite: This project is all you need to make your own kites from wrapping paper and sticks. Kites are a great way to see wind direction and enjoy the effects of the wind.

105-3 Cowboy Wind Chime: You can feel the wind as it blows and with this project you'll also be able to hear it! Create a fun wind chime with bandannas, glue and of all things, old silverware!

105-4 Sail Away: A sail boat is a perfect example of our dependence on the wind. Without wind the boat would remain still in the water. Your sailboat has a 90's twist, the entire surface, boat and sails, is tie dyed with non-aerosol spray paint.

105-5 Fish Windsock: Recycle a two liter bottle with fun foam scales for a whimsical wind sock. The hollow design will catch the wind and swim through the air.

105-6 Hands-On Project: Learn about a craft project designed by a 10 year old girl to help a defray the medical costs of a friends family.


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