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Take a walk outside and stop to smell the flowers. All of the next five projects have one thing in common, they all use materials from nature in a very new way. Many craft materials are found naturally such as cork, rubber and grapevine. Many others are derived from natural components like plastics from oil, some paints from milk, and dyes from plant materials. See how you can gather things right in your own backyard to create "natural" crafts.

106-1 How to Grow a Crayon: Instead of a craft project, learn the step by step process for making crayons from soybeans. Looking at soybeans growing in a field, did you ever imagine they could be used to make crayons? What could be more natural?

106-2 Seed Topiary: Gather seeds and beans to create a wonderful geometric design in a clay pot. Learn how to divide and measure a round object the easy way, using rubber bands.

106-3 Nature Book: Create a personal journal for your thoughts and ideas. The cover design borrows plants and twigs from nature along with a fun foiling technique.

106-4 Rock Zoo: Have fun collecting all sorts of rocks to make a whole zoo of animals. Paints, eyes, and trims complete these critters.

106-5 Reflections of Nature: Let these sunglasses reflect your memories of a favorite outdoor place. Soybean crayons complete the natural theme.

106-6 Hands-On Project: How do you get ideas for craft projects that might help someone else? Take a few minutes to brainstorm on a project you might be able to try.


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