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A Very Fishy Show... Oceanography

Show 107

Travel under the sea for a group of very fishy projects. The waters of the world are filled with fascinating creatures in colorful settings. The body of water and the depth will determine the type of fish you see. Shallow coastal waters are home to beautiful coral reefs and the millions of sea animals that inhabit them. The depths of the ocean have some of the most exotic and scary looking creatures. Some of these fish even have their own "fluorescent" lights. Grab your snorkel and fins and get ready to dive for "fishy" crafts.

107-1 Inside the Fishbowl: Imagine paints that actually stick to glass and are waterproof. In this project you'll be decorating your very own fish bowl to create a habitat for fish. Use this technique on aquariums too and design your own undersea scenes.

107-2 Water - Colors: Paint an underwater water-color. Resist and specialty water-color techniques are used in this "water" painting .

107-3 Ribbon Fish: These delicate woven fish have the look of origami. They're so easy you'll want to make a whole school of different colored and patterned fish.

107-4 Sea Life Mobile: Choose three fun sea creatures to adorn this ocean mobile; jellyfish, starfish and your favorite ocean fish. Each creature illustrates a different technique with different materials. from sand and glue, to beads and glitter, and paper and foam.

107-5 Beach Box: This is the perfect project to use all of those shells you collected on your last vacation. Make a great shadow box to display your treasures from of all things, a pizza box!

107-6 Hands On Project: Learn about Kidsacks, a project to make and distribute warm sleeping bags to kids in shelters.


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