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Patterns are all around us, from color and designs that are repeated in a specific way, to the chorus in a song, or even a pattern of light in a laser show. Patterns also exist in numbers and letters, where a particular sequence is followed. The next five projects look at developing your own patterns by repeating a sequence of colors, shapes and designs.

108-1 Block Puzzles: Start with six blocks and six pictures, or six photos or six colors; you'll end up with your own set of puzzle blocks to put together over and over.

108-2 Chenille Weaving: Over and under is the basis of this project. Using plastic canvas and chenille stems you will create a checkerboard pattern without even using a needle! The finished frame also has a wonderful texture.

108-3 Paint Roller Patterns: Decorate your own tote, towel and shirt. Learn how to create a design with wood and foam and then create a roller to make a continuous pattern.

108-4 Paper Plate Patterns: Paper and glue are all you need to create patterned decorator plates. Learn the technique and then create a color and design pattern from small squares.

108-5 Rainbow Box: Learn to create a repeating pattern with color. You'll also try out measuring and creating a grid to provide a sequence to your pattern.

108-6 Hands-On Project: Learn about the Pennsylvania Vent Camp for kids that are ventilator dependant. Crafting is a big part of the camps program.


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