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When you see the word stamp what comes to mind? Postage stamps, stamp your feet, maybe even rubber stamps. The next five projects are a whole new way to stamp with every kind of material. Stamps are the easy way to repeat the same design and have it look the same each time. Manufacturing plants often use other kinds of stamps to "stamp out" molds, "stamp on" designs and "stamp it"; it being any surface you can think of.

109-1 Cookie Cutter Stamping: Start with a cookie cutter - no we're not baking; add Styrofoam and acrylic paint and you'll end up with great stamped bags, stationary and greeting cards. Cook up a whole batch of projects.

109-2 Sticker Stamps: These stamps might not be accepted at the post office , but they make great decorations. Decorative edge scissors, labels, rubber stamps and washable markers are all you need.

109-3 Stamped Memory Albums: Get out those school pictures and make your own scrapbook page. Learn the techniques for assembling one of a kind pages to showcase your favorite photos in a unique way.

109-4 Personal Postage Stamps: What if you were asked to design the next postage stamp? This project shows you how using chalks, markers and various blending techniques.

109-5 T-Riffic Stamps:Making your own stamp is fun. Anything you can draw or trace can be turned into a stamp with this easy technique. Decorate a T-shirt with fabric paints and your very own stamp creation.

109-6 Hands On Project: Learn about Camp Can Do, a summer camp for children with cancer, where crafts are a big part of every days activities.


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