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The Three Rs... Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Do you know the three R's, not reading 'riting and 'rithmetic; Reduce Reuse and Recycle. Reduce: cutting down on waste and using products made to last rather than disposable or throw away. Reuse: even if you can't use something again, someone else might. Recycle: collect like-materials and change them into something new. The next group of projects use recycled materials like paper, milk cartons, and spools as we "Rehash the trash".

110-1 Paper Making: The ultimate recycling project is making new paper from junk mail. This project uses kleenex and glue plus a little of "yesterdays news".

110-2 Recycled Stationery: Cut apart and paste together to make new stationary for letter writing. Decorative scissors, markers and glue are all you need except, of course, "used" paper.

110-3 Milk Carton Birdhouse: Create and easy to make home for your feathered friends, all from recycled materials. Even real birds use "recycled" things to make their nest.

110-4 Renuzit Clown: A used Renuzit container is the base for a fun clown. See how easy it is to take containers once used for something totally different and make great crafts.

110-5 Molded Paper: Paper making is so much fun, this is a second project using the same technique but this time you'll make a 3d molded design. Add brown paper bags and you've got a great book cover.

110-6 Hands On Project: Recycling offers a lot of different ways to use crafts to help others. We'll get you started with a few ideas.


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