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You might think the only place to find lines and shapes might be in math class, but there's a whole world of design around you made up of shapes and lines. Look closely to see the squares, circles, triangle, lines and other shapes that make up the things around us. Architecture and buildings are a great place to start, but why stop there? The next projects require a lot of measuring and building to make the lines and shapes that form designs. Your building blocks are wood, paint, thread and fabric.

113-1 What's In a Name?: See your own name, not as a word but as a structural shape to be built upon. Lines and color patterns create the design.

113-2 Wood Quilting: Positioning shapes in decorative patterns is what forms these beautiful wood quilt designs. Before you add color or extras it's the shapes that make the pattern.

113-3 Punch Flag: Lines and triangles make up this punch design from fabric squares. This easy technique can be used with a variety of materials and Styrofoam.

113-4 Magic Yarn Ornaments: Learn the magic trick of wrapping yarn lines over interesting shapes that you create yourself with cardboard.

113-5 Tape - T's: Tape creates the ground of lines and shapes that are the "resist" area of this shirt. Sometimes what you don't paint is as important as what you do!

113-6 Hands On Project: Learn about the outcome of the first Hands on Project.


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