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Its Back to Basics on this 10th anniversary series of Hands On. Each show is packed with lots of projects, each with five steps and five ingredients and featuring a Basic Theme like patterns or letters. Also included on each show is a basic how – to lesson on a favorite craft or craft material, like scrapbooking or clay or even wood. Each show also includes another basic - a painting lesson: from choosing paint - to preparing the surface. Remember – be creative and get back to basics with Hands On.

Show 1001 Shapes
From Rectangles to circles, our projects feature basic shapes and seeing those shapes in other things. The first project is a shape flower – basic shapes make up giant flowers arranged in a clay pot. Then we’ll have a basic lesson on clay with our guest Linda Peterson. Next Prudy Vannier of the Society of Decorative Painters has our first painting lesson - today is all about choosing a surface. Then Linda is back to teach us how to make animals – it’s all about shapes of course. Then our last project is a triangle tessellation block – that’s a repeating pattern that would continue forever without overlapping or leaving any gaps.


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