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Show 1301 - Peru
Our first stop this season is Peru, a country in western South America, bordered by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile; home to the Incan Empire. Folk art in Peru is not just a way to show the culture but a way of life and livelihood for many people. Our crafts include traditional crafts and animals. First, is a scarlet macaw found in the tropical rainforest. The scarlet macaw is a large bird about thirty-five inches long with colorful feathers of bright red with touches of yellow, orange and blue. They have a curved bill and can fly at speeds of up to thirty-five miles an hour. Next, are embossed and painted clay beads with interesting symbols. All sorts of natural materials like clay, seeds, nuts and stone have been used for centuries in making beads in Peru. Then, we make a felted wool bag. Traditional native clothing made from Alpaca wool is common in the highlands of Peru.  Alpacas are raised for their wool and the fiber is used for knitted and woven items like blankets, ponchos, and scarves. Our final project is a metallic sun sculpture. The center of the Incan empire was located in modern day Peru. The sun played an important part as a symbol and the Incas worshipped the sun god. The king was known as the “child of the sun”.


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