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Show 1305 - Australia
Travel to the land down under for historic aborigine crafts and some of the common animals associated with Australia. Australia is a country but also a continent located south of Asia and surrounded by water. It is known for its wide ranges of vegetation and animals from the dry outback to the Great Barrier Reef. Our first craft is a koala magnet. Koalas are found in Australia often in a eucalyptus tree. Next, learn about aboriginal symbols with two projects: a boomerang and a rock painting. The aborigines were early inhabitants of Australia and left their mark in caves and rocks. The designs often are a repetition of small geometric shapes.  We’re making both a rock and a boomerang - a traditional item from Australia originally for hunting. The next project is a wooly sheep. Australia is the leading producer of wool – mostly from Merino sheep with the finest and softest wool. The last project is a bolo tie again featuring aboriginal geometric design. Aborigines are tribes that believe in a strong tie to nature and storytelling is a big part of their culture. Dotted patterns are often used in their art.


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