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Show 1306 - Japan
Japan is an island country located east of Asia, made up of hundreds of smaller islands but four main islands.  The country has a rich history with great ties to the past. Many of their cultural traditions have been handed down for generations. Our first craft is an adaptation of a temari ball which creates a beautiful round ornament. Temari is a traditional Japanese craft usually involving very intricate embroidery designs. We’re creating a simple example using yarn. The next project is a bonsai tree. Bonsai is the term for all miniature trees in containers in pots. The word originated in China but has become a prevalent Japanese activity. The trimming of the miniature plants is an art form in Japan. Then, we’re folding paper into a fish design. Folding paper or origami is a traditional craft of Japan using simple folding techniques to create intricate designs. In our picture today we’re folding small squares of paper and mounting them on a board to form a picture. The last project teaches about traditional Japanese pottery and Japan’s symbols. Imari porcelain is usually a milk white glaze with a few enameled colors.  Florals, dragons, phoenix, bamboo, and birds are common subjects.


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