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Show 1309 - India
India has over 1 billion people and is located in Southeast Asia. It has a wide range of climates. Our crafts concentrate on some of the Indian national symbols. The first craft is a new batik method using glue to create a peacock feather on a shirt. The peacock is the national bird of India symbolizing grace, pride and beauty. Then, it’s another view of a batik look project but this time we use paper and our design is an elephant. According to legends in Hindu Mythology, demons churned the ocean, but an elephant called airavata reached his trunk down into the underworld, sucked up the water and then sprayed it into the clouds producing cool rain water. Each year in March/April an elephant festival is held. Elephants with painted and decorated shields made from gems and velvets are judged. The next project is a beaded pendant or ornament featuring bright colors and metal beads. Threads, beads and cowries are twisted together to form beautiful jewelry and adornments. Jewelry is an art form in India. Tikka is the spherical pendant for the forehead, dangling earrings are jhumkas, nath is a nose ring, kadas a type of bracelet, and payals for ankles with tiny bells and chakto or toe rings. The last project is a frame using foil to create the look of mirrors and pressed metal. Metal work is an important craft in rural and small towns in India. The metal is etched, into intricate designs with different cities known for various design styles.


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