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Show 1310 - Mexico
Mexico is a North American country located south of the United States in Central America. It has a range of climates from tropical rain forests to dry mountains. Our crafts feature traditional designs and lots of color. The first craft is called huichol – or bead ware – we create a simple version of this craft. Huichol or beaded works are a new type of art for a group of people from central Mexico. The usual way to create the huichol is to press glass, plastic or metal beads into beeswax inside a wood form. There are special patterns and symbols. We’re using seed beads and a clay saucer. The next project is an ojo dios. Similar to southwestern Indian ceremonial shields using yarn and sticks, these god’s eyes are traditional to Mexico. Using sticks and yarn we create a traditional god’s eye pattern. Then, we create Banderas or cut paper banners with interesting color patterns. Banderas or cut paper banners have been made in Mexico since the time of the Aztecs.  Last we create beautiful paper blooms in every color of the rainbow for the last project. Festive flowers in bright colors are a traditional Mexican craft found on every street corner


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