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Travel around the world with Hands On Crafts for Kids. Learn about different cultures and countries through their crafts. But first you need to get ready; pack your bags, and get started on some travel crafts to make your journey special.

201-1 Adventure Album Cover: What's a trip without pictures? Make the perfect album cover for the photos and notes you collect on your travels around the world. This 3-d cover uses glue and paper in very different ways.

201-2 Tag Your Bags: You don't want to lose any of your suitcases on such a long journey. Use shrink plastic, colored pencils and flags to "tag your bags." If you haven't tried shrink plastic, this technique is just like magic!

201-3 Flag Bulletin Board: Since we have the country flags out from the last program, how about posting your itinerary on a great styrofoam bulletin board decorated with foam flags. After you get back home, this will be a great way to remember your trip and post all of your mementos.

201-4 Add-On Travel bag: If you look at a map each country has it's own shape. Keep track of your journey by adding on the outline of each country. This also works great for car trips through different states. Get ready to be surprised by a new way to use glue.

201-5 Sea Mist Shirts: Feel the ocean spray as the boat moves through the water. How about another type of spray, as you spray paint the perfect travel shirt.

201-6 Hands On Project: What is a Hands On project and how can you get involved .plus the outcome of last programs Hands On projects.


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