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Our first stop is the Far east and wonderful crafts from China. We're having a party - a New Year's party complete with games, masks, dancing, music and lights.

202-1 Tangram set: You won't believe what you can make from just 7 pieces of paper!

202-2 Chinese Dragon Mask: When the first new moon enters the sign of Aquarius, farmers and merchants in China perform dragon and lion dances to usher in a prosperous new year. Create this colorful foam mask and join in the celebration.

202-3 Dragon Dance stick: When you join the celebration, you'll have your own dance stick with you. Styrofoam, paper and glue create this fiery dragon.

202-4 Panda: One of the most beloved animals of China and a traditional Chinese technique combine in this fanciful picture. You don't have to be an artist to create a realistic drawing.

202-5 Magpie Wind chime: The Magpie is a traditional symbol of joy. Combine this exotic bird with the delicate sounds of the wind in a fun craft using a fun, new material.

202-6 Festive Hanging Lantern: This paper lantern is perfect for the full moon of Chinese New Year or to hang in your own yard on a warm evening. Metallic two sided paper and decorative scissors give a new look to traditional lanterns.


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