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African art is filled with beautiful designs and color. Capture the spirit of Africa in five unique projects from music to games.

203-1 Dance Mask: Incorporate African design, paint and papier mache to create a colorful mask reminiscent of tribal culture.

203-2 Shekere: What's dancing without music? Your shekere is made of a dried gourd and woven string and beads. This weaving technique is also great over all different containers.

203-3 Kwanza beads: Seven different beads illustrate each of the seven principles of Kwanza. You'll make your own clay from glue and flour.

203-4 Floor cloth: Design and color is one of the most important elements of African design. Using fabric paints and unique design, transform leftover floor covering into a beautiful floor rug.

203-5 Mancala Game: Mancala is the generic name for a group of games from ancient Africa. Create your version of this game with a lightweight Styrofoam board and beautiful gem stone beads.

203-6 Hands On Project: Actipak is a Hands On project started by Emily Grant of New Jersey.


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