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Our travel to the U.S.A. steps back to the roots of the country and the traditional crafts it is known for. Quilting, doll making, Native American Jewelry and more are presented in this historical program.

204-1 Corn Husk Dolls: First introduced by Native Americans to the settlers, corn husk dolls are fun and easy!

204-2 Native American Jewelry: The first inhabitants of the United States provide the inspiration for beautiful jewelry from beads and safety pins! No, safety pins weren't around then, but it's an easy way to create authentic looking Native American design.

204-3 Paper Crazy Quilt: Get ready to go crazy with paper and scissors to create a quilt as individual as you! Common crazy quilts were made from pieces of exotic fabrics or leftover scraps from clothing, but you'll be using all different papers.

204-4 Flower Press: Wildflowers are prevalent all over the landscape of the U.S.A. Make your own press to preserve flowers from your garden (or maybe your neighbors) and then use them for delicate notecards and bookmarks.

204-5 Stencil Lantern: Join stenciling and tin for a very traditional colonial craft. We actually use tin cans and paint to make this "illuminating" lantern perfect for a midnight ride by Paul Revere or maybe you!

204-6 Upside down Doll: In colonial times, an upside down doll made from fabric scraps was a favorite toy. Using foam and crepe paper you can convert your doll from Betsy Ross to Betsy Metallica and everything in between.


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