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When you think of Mexican crafts, the first thing that comes to mind is color: vibrant reds, blues, greens and yellows appear in pottery, flowers and dolls.

205-1 Mosaic Bead Pottery: The pottery of Mexico is one of their most beautiful and colorful craft products. We start with a clay pot and wonderful beads and a very unique grout to make a mosaic design.

205-2 Worry Dolls: Banish your worries with miniature dolls that you can individualize. Sticks, thread scraps and little bits of yarn are all you need.

205-3 Paper Blooms: These flowers are so festive and bright, you'd almost think they were real. Create giant blooms from a rainbow of tissue paper.

205-4 Fiesta doll: Color plays an important role in the designs of Mexico. This festive doll on a Styrofoam base looks ready to go dancing!

205-5 Pinata Basket: You won't need to break this pinata to get to the candies inside. Straw raffia and plastic canvas are the base for a colorful basket ready to fill with your favorite candies.

205-6 Hands On Project: "You Make It Expo" and 4H crafts.


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