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Visit Japan next, the land of symbols, where every craft activity has another meaning. Though the designs appear to be simple, the crafts can be very intricate.

206-1 Origami Kimono and Pin wheel: Simple paper folding gives you two different toys: a paper doll and a pin wheel.

206-2 Temari Balls: This craft is one of the most intricate and beautiful designs of Japan. Use yarn and a styrofoam ball center to form these eye-catching woven designs.

206-3 Origami Fish: Folding paper is a traditional craft of this country. You'll use very simple folding techniques to create a mosaic paper fish design of many small squares of paper.

206-4 Watercolor Windsock: Watercolor painting represents an important technique of Japan. Create this paper windsock using some very unique painting techniques.

206-5 Plum Blossom Fan: Fans and plum blossoms are two important symbols incorporated in this design. Have fun folding and cutting to make this delicate design.

206-6 Hands On Project: Light One Candle; a multi-cultural arts program.


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