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Travel to the Land Down Under for fun crafting ideas. Your journey explores historic Australian crafts and the common things and animals associated with Australia, even down to crocodiles.

209-1 Cave Painting: Early inhabitants of Australia left their mark in caves and on rock. Your designs will replicate these symbols with paint.

209-2 Pony Bead Crocodile: I don't know if you'd wrestle this crocodile, but you will have a great time making this pony bead key chain. Key chains also just happen to be a very hot craft, so you'll see a few other animals too.

209-3 Boomerang: This boomerang really works and it's covered with a particular style of Aborigini design common to Australia. It involves the repetition of small geometric shapes in larger divided spaces.

209-4 Koalas: Where would you find a koala? Why, in a eucalyptus tree of course. You'll make both in this project. The koala includes a very interesting way of making fur from glue, paint and sawdust.

209-5 Wooly Sheep: Wool is a very important part of the Australian economy. Make just one or a whole flock.

209-6 Hands On Project: How to start your own Hands On Project.


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