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A visit to Africa wouldn't be complete without taking time for some of the different animals which inhabit this continent. You might not find ones that look exactly like our crafts, but you never know!

210-1 T Shirt Snake: Is it a snake or a t-shirt? Try this project and you'll find out.

210-2 Wild Animal Puppets: If animals could talk? These would have plenty to say. These whimsical creatures incorporate many of the real characteristics of their live counterparts. All sorts of things including foam, glue, paint and chenille are used to create these puppets.

210-3 Paper Chain Animals: Learn a fun cutting technique to create a whole herd of animals.

210-4 It's a Jungle Out There: Picture you in the midst of all those wild animals. Create a page for your memory book with photos and animal designs.

210-5 Lizard Shirt: Safari in this great lizard shirt. Easy fabric paints make this fun design.

210-6 Baby Hippo: You'd never believe how much a hippo's mouth actually holds. Your Styrofoam model with it's secret compartment will give you an idea.


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