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Egypt, India and Morocco

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Our next stop is a region of the world rather than just one country. We'll stop in Egypt for a picture opportunity and travel to India and Morocco too.

211-1 Wind Chime: Create beautiful music with a painted clay wind chime.

211-2 Batik Shirt: Batik used to be very messy and hot, but this is the easy way to batik using glue and fabric paint.

211-3 Magic Carpet: Who knows where you might travel on your magic carpet from canvas and crayons.

211-4 Pyramid Pictures: It's 1, 2, 3, no 4 pictures, all in one. What a great way to display photos!

211-5 Clay pull toy: This traditional toy is made from clay decorated with Middle Eastern designs.

211-6 Hands On Project: The Kindness Zone: kids helping kids with crafts.


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