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Travel North and then east for our next stop, where we visit Italy and the Renaissance period in this country. We feature the beautiful glass crafts which are an important part of Italian art.

212-1 Mosaic tiles: Leftover floor tiles and markers create true Italian mosaics.

212-2 Stained Glass Suncatcher: Foiling creates Renaissance inspired stained glass that's actually painted on.

212-3 Crayon "Resist" Pot: This unique technique uses crayons and paint. The final design appears like magic at the very end.

212-4 Cathedral Window: Simulate a cathedral window by cutting and overlaying tissue paper. We start out easy, but you can make these designs as intricate as you like.

212-5 Glow In the Dark Glass: Did you know that glue sticks to glass? Make a butterfly, the symbol of rebirth just like the Renaissance.

212-6 Hands On Project: Creative Activities; craft activities for pediatrics and geriatrics.


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