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Show 213

After such a whirlwind tour, I'd hate to forget any of the places we visited. This show is about preserving your memories and reminiscing about your trip.

213-1 Travel Briefcase: This 3D case holds all of your memories, not to mention ticket stubs, stickers and mementos.

213-2 Pencil Pals: Top your pencils with these figures and you'll never forget the people you met in each of the countries. Little scraps and snippets of materials are all you'll need to create your pencil buddies.

213-3 Luggage Pocket Page: Of course you didn't forget your suitcase, but this one is made from paper and holds all sorts of things from your travels.

213-4 Travel Memories: Make an album and photo page of your favorite vacation photos. Interesting cutting, paint and stencils make YOUR design unique.

213-5 Around the World Game: You won't forget the flags of the countries we visited when you make your own "Around the World" game. You'll make all of the game parts and then get a chance to play this fun and maybe even educational game.

213-6 Hands On Project: Kids making quilts for kids with ABC quilts.


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