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These are the crafts passed from generation to generation, with roots early in our history when crafting was more functional, but no less fun!
Open. Foam Quilt Block: Who says quilting is just with fabric! Arrange colored squares of foam to make interesting patterns and a great door sign for your room.

301-1 Brown Bag Applique Cat: This project is just purr-fect and you'll even learn basic stitching and applique with paper.

301-2 You've "Woven" My Heart: Weaving takes all different forms, but here's a new twist. Watch carefully and make a paper heart pocket.

301-3 Decorated Candle: Candle making is the traditional craft, but candle decorating is just for today. Did you know you can paint on wax?

301-4 Functional Family: A system of interlocking gears makes a perfect family wall hanging to illustrate working together.

301-5 Editors Feature: Apples are not just for eating! Carve your way to very expressive dolls with FamilyFun.

301-6 Hands On Project: The Paper Doll Project.


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