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Show 302

Cool weather is our catalyst for great fall ideas, but don't wait for the leaves to fall to enjoy these crafts.
Open. Beady Bugs: Bugs, beads and glow-in-the-dark, put them together and you've got a "frightfully" great craft.

302-1 Pony Bead Corn Cob: Colorful beads create these ears of corn made to decorate but not eat!

302-2 Fall Banner: Announce the seasons with a painted banner for your door or room.

302-3 Pine Cone repousse: Not sure what repousse means, tune in and find out a fancy way to emboss using paint, glue and foil.

302-4 Oak Leaf frame: Find a pile of leaves and when you're done jumping in them save a few for a casted picture frame.

302-5 Editor's Feature: Leave your troubles behind with a wreath of thank you's made from your own handprint.

302-6 Hands On Project: Sun Beads


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