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Show 304

Bring your favorite characters to life with all different ways to develop people and creatures from the most basic of materials.
Open. Take a safari and create a scene right out of Africa with your own creative inhabitants.

304-1 Jungle Puppet Theater: Finish up the scene created in today's first project. Who knows what animal you might find behind that paper tree.

304-2 Giant Stick Puppets: Gather up all sorts of odds and ends and your creativity to make wonderful, giant characters... on a stick of course.

304-3 Mini Marionette: From giant to miniature marionettes, puppets come in all sizes and this one really moves.

304-4 Stick Figures: You all know how to draw stick figures, now try creating stick figure puppets. You'll want to make a whole crowd.

304-5 Editor's feature: Krause presents pop-up puppets.

304-6 Hands on Project: Visit Adventures in Art in Cleveland, Ohio.


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