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Look outside for creative materials for warm weather, spring crafts.
Open. A favorite spring Holiday is Valentine's, but don't wait until then to make a very cute heart person for your favorite valentine.

306-1 Bird Bath: Celebrate Earth Day everyday with a whimsical bird bathmade from paint and clay pots.

306-2 Spring Totem: Totems often feature wild creatures. Celebrate the rebirth of spring with a Styrofoam totem of bunnies, eggs, and chicks.

306-3 Shooting Rocket Windsock: Catch the wind with a foam windsock, perfect for a breath of spring.

306-4 Metamorphosis of a Butterfly: Follow the life of a simply beautiful creature of the earth: the butterfly. Craft a life cycle chart using glue, paint, leaves and tissue paper.

306-5 Editor's feature: Eggs-citing: Make a bunny and his basket of eggs from Styrofoam and paper from CraftWorks.

306-6 Hands on Project: 4H Birdhouses


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