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Rainy Day Fantasy Crafts

Show 307

When you can't go outside, let your imagination take over with fantasy crafts to expand your creative thinking.
Open. Gather up your dreams, wishes and (collectibles) and save them for a rainy day or even a sunny one!

307-1 Checker game: Who says that checkers have to be black and red, make your game in a very creative way.

307-2 Medieval Castle: Create a Styrofoam fantasy world. Make a medieval castle complete with drawbridge, but you'll have to supply the dragons, knights and damsels in distress from your imagination.

307-3 Who, What, Where and When: Create a quiet game sure to be a hit with your friends and a great way to get to know them better.

307-4 Disguise yourself: Masks are the perfect prop to fantasy fun. Become whoever you'd like with these simple techniques, like the beautiful bird in our sample.

307-5 Editor's feature: FamilyFun brings creative candle crafting.

307-6 Hands On Project: Gecko Project from Design Originals


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