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Remember where you came from, your parents, grandparents, country and nationality. Here are crafts that will help you chronicle your personal history.
Open. When keeping track of your history , the first place to start is with photos. See how to display your pictures in a creative way, especially those extra wallet size prints of school pictures.

308-1 Family Tree: Paint a form for recording family history. This is a great way to open conversation with your parents and grandparents.

308-2 Memory Game: In this updated version of the matching game, use reprints of old photos to learn about your family.

308-3 Paper Dolls: This is one craft thatıs never lost itıs popularity. Create a doll that looks just like you and reflects your heritage.

308-4 Marbelized Journal: Become your family historian keeping track of all of the events that are important to you in a great journal. Youıll be using a new technique with chalk to marbelize.

308-5 Editors feature: Carol Sheffler of the Today show uses rubber stamping to keep all members of the family in touch.

308-6 Hand On Project: update.


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