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Parties are a great craft opportunity whether making favors, decorations, cards, or even as an activity on the big day.
Open. Combine two of your favorite things: parties and candy for great party favors. 309-1 The "Light" of the Party: Light up an out door party with lanterns that are fun and easy to make from paper.

309-2 Airplane Candy Holder: Here comes more candy with a flying airplane candy holder. Fun foam and acrylic balls make this a great favor, or party decoration.

309-3 Birthday Greetings: Wouldnšt you love to make your own cards, especially ones that are personalized for your special friend? This card is actually a game too.

309-4 Luminary: Light up every party. All you need is paint, bags and punchesSoh and I almost forgot - candles.

309-5 Editors Feature: Pillow talk from CraftWorks.

309-6 Hands on Project: Buddy Ball of Edison, NJ


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