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You can make great crafted wearables from t-shirts to tennis shoes.
Open. FamilyFun and Offray ribbon have great ideas for personalized wearables.

312-1 Hemp Necklace: Create your own version of a very popular fashion accessory, a beaded hemp necklace.

312-2 Patches: Express yourself with personalized patches to dress up jeans, t's and book bags.

312-3 Crayon Batik: You won't believe this technique. You can actually batik with crayons and low temp glue guns.

312-4 Add a figure jewelry: Make and collect mini figure jewelry. Incorporate birthstones, and more in these collectible dolls.

312-5 Editor's feature: Join FamilyFun for great ways to update your clothes and make a jeans purse.

312-6 Hands on Project: Design Originals has a great idea for flag necklaces to make and sell.


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