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Show 313

No these projects don't use snow, but they're perfect for indoor crafting and you might just see a few snowmen hanging around.
Open. Styrofoam eggs are the base for very comical snowmen and cardinals.

313-1 Gingerbread House: Do you get the impression we like candy? This house is actually non-edible paper and Styrofoam so you can use it every year, but of course there's a surprise inside.

313-2 Clay Twist Candy Cane: Striping clay is a great technique that can be used to make many different projects. We start out with candy canes and then incorporate stripes into a lot of seasonal projects.

313-3 Smiley face: You'll want to make hundreds of these winter smiley faces for friends. They're quick, easy and very fun and just use beads.

313-4 Winter Candle holders: No, snowmen aren't made of clay, but you can paint a great face on clay and glass containers to bring snow indoors.

313-5 Editor's feature: Krause will show you which way those winter winds are blowing with a great weathervane.

313-6 Hands On Project: S.O.C.K.S. program of Arizona.


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