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With spectacular gorges, deserts, salt lakes, caves and an astonishing variety of wildlife, the Outback of Australia is one of the world's last great wilderness areas. The landscape varies from region to region so we caoncentrate on the style of the Aborigines - the first, nomadic inhabitants of the Outback.

401-1 Dilly Bag and Message Stick: Aborigine women wove bags from grasses to carry fish and other foods. Men and boys carried sticks with carved designs to other terrortories to deliver messages. An identifying mark, such as a tribal design was carved into the stick. Our bag is made from clay and oil pastels.

401-2 Pocket Pals: On a visit to the Outback, you're sure to see a Marsupial; these animals carry their young in a front pocket. Kangaroos are just one example. This project is a fun way to remember this important attribute of a marsupial while making a fun fabric purse for your self.
401-3 Aboriginal Oil Pastel: Aborigine paintings were originally painted in the sand and only lasted until the wind blew. This are form employs a basic set of symbols, such as concentric circles and curved and straight lines. All are based on the Aboriginal religion, the "Dreaming". Create your own oil pastel in this unique and ageless style.

401-4 Aboriginal Punched Bolo Tie: Punched paper dots are the paint for this original bolo tie. Learn some of the Aboriginal symbols like: concentric circles for campsites and waterholes; straight lines for routes between places; wavy lines for rain or water: "U" shapes for sitting people, and tracks for animal footprints. Also, animals are shown from above, plants are stylized; and dotted backgrounds are traditional.

402-1 Crocodile Candles: Crocodiles are one of the most well known inhabitants of the Outback. Create and decorate a unique candle to light your way on a dark trek into the wilderness.

402-1 Hands On Project: Kids helping other kids through their crafts


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