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The Earth is home to a multitude of plants and animals. Man is the biggest threat to the existence of these species. Changes in the environment of these plants and animals often cause their numbers to dwindle and they become endangered. If conservation methods are not used, these species can become extinct.

403-1 Elephant Family: Both the African and Asian elephant are on the endangered animal list. This pompom and chenille elephant is of the Asian family characterized by smaller ears, a hump-shaped back, and very short tusks.
403-2 Endangered Animal Banner: Sorry to say, there are thousands of animals on the endangered list. Create a felt banner to remind you to help fight to save "Our Animal Friends".
403-3 Whooping Crane: This bird is perhaps the best-known endangered species in North America (and also the tallest at about 5 ft). Snow white with black wingtips, it has a long neck, a dark and pointed bill and long thin legs. It is the only bird that flies with its neck straight out and legs trailing. You'll be making a wacky walking or flying version of this beautiful bird with Styrofoam.
403-4 Pull Toy: Learn about another group of endangered animals with a fun way to show some of their characteristics. Die cut paper is an easy and inexpensive base to our project.

403-5 Endangered Animal Flip Book: Create your own paper book of different endangered animals. We researched and chose 10 for our book including the whale, tortoise, sea otter, black rhino and walrus. You'll create a matching game in your books as you learn about these animals.

403-6 Hands On Project: Kids helping other kids through their crafts


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