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Deserts make up 1/7th of the earth's surface. The Sahara is the largest of the 12 main desert regions. Deserts are formed by a particular combination of rainfall, temperature, location and landscape. All have less than 10" of rain annually. Believe it or not, deserts are a lot more than just sand!

405-1 Desert Cactus: Cactus are found only in North American deserts. Styrofoam and toothpicks are the basis for this cactus model that needs even less water than the real thing.

405-2 Coral Snake: The colorful coral snake is found in the southern desert region of the United States. It's small but very poisonous. Make his brightly colored rings with coiled strips of foam.

405-3 Gemstones: Gemstones might seem like an unlikely part of the desert, but actually much of the world's store of diamonds, silver, gold, bauxite, iron and copper is mined in desert regions. Use interesting paper shapes to create the facets of these gemstones.

405-4 Sand Painted Dunes: When youthink of desert, sand is the first thing that comes to mind. Actually, rocks are just as big a part of the landscape. We use colored sand to create a desert landscape in the colors of the Southwest.

405-5 Lizard: Gila monsters, collared lizards and scorpions are some of the nocturnal animals common to the desert. Create a colorful, patterned paper lizard to brighten up the desert landscape. Gila Monsters are not quite as colorful as our model, but they have a similar body type with a stout body, short legs and a short, fat tail.

405-6 Hands On Project: Kids helping other kids through their crafts


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