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This habitat is actually a time in history or should we say prehistory? Visit the past when dinosaurs roamed the planet and many of the plants and animals we see today had their beginnings.

407-1 Pipe Cleaner Dinosaur: Twist your way to dinosaur models made from chenille.

407-2 Wooly Mammoth: The modern day elephant is actually a descendant of the wooly mammoth which roamed the earth in prehistoric times. You'll love this furry creature that definitely looks cuter in our miniature size and a lot less ferocious than his real life counterpart.

407-3 Fossil Necklace: Fossils are created by marks left when plants and animals die and leave their imprint on the ground which then hardens into rock. You can also create your own fossil from clay and use it to string an interesting necklace.

407-4 Dinosaur Diorama: Brontosaurus, T Rex, Triceratops - they're all here as a paper diorama. Now do your research and actually determine which dinosaurs existed at the same times so that your box is an accurate portrayal of prehistoric times.

407-5 Dinosaur Soaps: It's hard to resist adding a fun project to clean up. Mke decorative soaps in a fun look at dinosaurs.

407-6 Hands On Project: Kids helping other kids through their crafts


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