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Visit the plants and animals of a northern temperate forest. Hardwood trees, gray wolves, beavers and owls are just a few of the sight you'll see.

408-1 Footprint Rug: Lets go tracking for forest animals like the white tailed deer, spuirrel and maybe a wolf. Create a rug using carpet scraps and paint showing various animal prints.

408-2 Leaf Stamped Stationery: Oak, hickory, mapels - which tree leaf will you choose for you stationery? Learn an easy technique to create your own stationery design from a leaf.

408-3 Forest Creature Piñata: Take a fun look at forest creatures with an owl piñata created from a paper bag. The bag shape is perfect for the owl, since they can't actually move their eyes and need to move their entire head to see. Their face is actually a flat disk with feathers at the edge to catch the slightest sound and aim the noise at their ears.

408-4 Enchanted Forest: Discover another use for paper bags as you create treasure trees for an enchanted forest. Glitter and beads and even some traditional leaves complete your project.

408-5 Rubbings Journal: Hardwood leaves are the basis for interesting rubbings and a journal to record your travels. Oil pastels and wire complement your journal.

408-6 Hands On Project: Kids helping other kids through their crafts


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