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The shores of the oceans of the world are home to a wealth of animals and sand creatures. Have fun as we take a visit to the beach with warm weather craft ideas.

410-1 Sand Sculpture: This unique 3D sand sculpture conjures up all of the popular images of the beach - from playing in the water to beach umbrellas and ocean creatures.

410-2 Sand Cast Sea Treasures: Learn to cast your own seashell treasures and add a little glitz to bring out their true beauty.

410-3 Fish Abstract: This exotic mobile uses varied techniques to create a fish collage from netting, beads and lace. You can even incorporate bits of shells and driftwood from a long beach walk.

410-4 Paper Bag Dragon: Let's go fly a kite - a paper bag dragon perfect for catching the wind at the beach. When you're not at the beach, it would also be the ideal highlight to a Chinese New Year celebration.

410-5 Sand Castle: This is one sand castle that won't be washed away by
the tide! Real sand, glue, Styrofoam and paper rolls are all you need.
Sea Creatures: Here's a new technique for making beaded sea creatures. Color choice is yours and you can even make them 3D.

410-6 Hands On Project: Kids helping other kids through their crafts


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