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More commonly known as the Arctic and Antarctica, cold weather and snow create a unique habitat for the hardiest of plants and animals. Antarctica is actually drier than the desert even though it is covered with snow. It is also the home to many species of penguins. The Arctic is home to seals, caribou, whales and the Inuit people. Icebergs can be found in both hemispheres.

411-1 Just Floating Along: There are actually 2 types of icebergs: tabular or flat tops, and glacier which have a higher area above water. In both cases, most of the iceberg is actually below the water. Only 1/8 is above the surface! Watch some penguins having fun on the surface of an Antarctic tabular iceberg.

411-2 Inushuk: Inushuk are small piles of stones arranged in the likeness of a person. The Inuit people used them as trail markers indicating safe passage. Our stones are actually made of Styrofoam and very light weight.

411-3 Sparkling Snowflakes: We all know that no 2 snowflakes are alike! Create your own design with sparkling highlights made from glue.

411-4 Arctic and Antarctic Bookmark Magnets: Some of the inhabitants of the Arctic have come in from the cold as a paper bookmark. You'll never lose your place with this unique method involving magnets.

411-5 Polar Bears: What's white and fuzzy, but not really cuddly? A polar bear! Just remeber these are real bears that grow to over 10 feet long, and males weigh up to 1300 pounds. Our polar bear design is made from paint and is definitely more of the cuddly type.

411-6 Hands On Project: Kids helping other kids through their crafts


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