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A fitting conclusion to "Crafts Around the Earth" are projects which relate to the earth itself: the globe, the sun, and the elements of nature.

413-1 Embossed Foil Sun: What could be more important to life on earth than the sun. This foil and foam sun is a beautiful tribute to the sun.

413-2 Sundial: Telling time is easy, even without a watch if you have our outdoor foam sundial. Ancient civilizations used this method of watching shadows to determine the time of day.

413-3 Mother Earth Suet Holder: One of the "duties" of Mother Earth is to provide food for the wildlife of the world. Our wire holder will feed wildlife in your own backyard.

413-4 Earth Symbols:Make beaded symbols of the earth, stars and planets with a simple iron-on technique.

413-5 Seed and Salt Bucket: Create a useful bucket to store both seeds for the birds, and salt for icy sidewalks.

413-6 Hands On Project: Kids helping other kids through their crafts


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