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Show 513

This will be your home for the next few nights, decorate with personalized accessories. (They work in your room at home too!)

513-1 Sleeping Bag Pillow: This painted pillow is also a carry all for your clothes and your sleeping bag.

513-2 Door Hanger: Keep out! Or mayber Come On In! What's the message on your foam door hanger?

513-3 Camp Rug: The ground can get pretty cold without a warm, painted rug by the side of your bed.

513-4 Chenille flowers: Pipe cleaners are a camp staple, but here's a new design. Camp Job Chart: To keep things running smoothly, everyone needs to do their part. This chart will keep you organize at home, camp or school.

513-5 Job Chart: Lets get organized at camp and at home and school.


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