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Quick Idea: Egyptian Print: All Egyptian art has the same style and special rules. One of these rules is called “frontalism”. This is where the head is always shown in profile, but the body is seen from the front.

Itty Bitty Red Hand601-1 Cobra Pen Topper: The asp or Egyptian cobra is the smallest and most common type of cobra. Cobras were often used as a subject for jewelry and decorative items in ancient Egypt.

601-2 Hieroglyphics: This is a form of picture writing. Hieroglyphics are small pictures which represent words, actions or ideas. There were over 700 letters but no vowels.

601-3 Collar and Cuffs: Jewelry was an important part of the dress of ancient Egypt. Particularly the nobility adorned themselves with beautiful symmetrical collars of metal and precious stones and beautiful bangles and cuffs.

601-4 Potpourri Mummy: Egypt is known for both their pyramids, the final resting place for those that have died and also their means of preserving bodies as mummies. The body was wrapped in strips of cloth and anointed with various oils and scents.

601-5 Papyrus Fan: The word “paper’ derives from the word papyrus. Papyrus is a triangular reed that grows along the bank of the Nile. Egyptians cut the reeds and laid them side-by-side. Then a second layer was placed over the top at right angles. This was then placed between fabric and pressed between stones for about 6 days.


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