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Quick Idea: Mosaic stones: Mosaics are a part of all ancient civilizations. Tiny squares of different colors of stones were fitted together to form designs and pictures.

602-1 Olive Wreath: Olive wreaths were a prize in the original Olympics. The First Olympic games were held in 776 B.C.

602-2 Archimedes and Mathematical Solids: Archimedes lived from 287-212 B.C. Born in Sicily, educated in Egypt; he was the most well known Greek mathematician. He is known for his studies of shapes.

602-3 Greek Pots: Many different styles of ceramic pots were used in Ancient Greece. From storage, to drinking, they were decorated in many different colors with unique designs. The amphora shape is the traditional tall, handled pot and the klix is a wider bowl shaped pot with a pedestal.

602-4 Column Chalkboard: The Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns were the most common styles of architectural columns used in ancient Greece. Doric are the plainest and have no base. Ionic columns have a circular base and a shallow top with scrolls and Corinthian are the most elaborate with a carved leave design at the top.

602-5 Tragedy Comedy Mask:
These masks are the symbol for theater and represent masks worn during the golden age around 500-300 B.C. This was the first time that theater as we know it was written and performed. All actors were male and they all played many different roles, so they wore masks to show their different characters or moods.

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